XClusive Scents Luxe Soy Candles are curated using natural soy wax and premium candle fragrance oils. Made, scented, and cured in small batches allows the best scent quality and care. 


Housed in a wide array of glass container styles (flat bottom and stems), Sizes from 2oz to 10oz (online) and 10 oz + "available by call-in to Mrs. D"  @ (832) 768-9601, providing opportunitiues to fit each customer's candle weight need.


Not only will you enjoy the flickering flame's glow and pleasing aromas through the air, but once wax has melted, carefuly dip your finger in the melted pool and apply to the skin as a moisturing option. NOTE: Keep children away from all open flames & never burn candle for more than 4hours at a time. Refer to warning label under each candle container.  


  • All sales are final.  Due to the high cost of testing returns for tampering, returns or exchanges cannot be honored.  For that reason all sales are final.