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XClusive Scents By D

Inspired Perfume/Cologne Pure Body Oils,

Scented Gift Accessories, & More!!

Scent Your World


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Our body oils are compared to the labels on each bottle. XClusive Scents By D (XSbD) is not affiliated with any of these brands, and it's owners in any manner and in NO circumstances should XSbD be mistaken for those designers.
The product names, trademarks, brands, and other trademark, or trade names referred to within XSbD are the property of their respective holders. These holders are not affiliated with X
SbD our products, or website, nor do they sponsor or endorse our materials.
Our versions are not to be confused with originals and are used only for descriptive identification purposes to convey the body oil being purchased.
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Scents For MEN



Scents For WOMEN

ABOUT  XClusive Scents By D


 Our story began over 15 years ago as a result of an intense aversion to traditional designer scents on the market. Have you ever been spritzed by a passionate beauty representative while walking through your favorite store in the mall? Do you find yourself unable to wear scents you once loved and thought you could never leave home without a healthy spritz to "scent your day?' Well you are not alone! Mrs D is allergic to scents she once loved - However, today she has found her passion to share scent alternatives through perfume oils (women) cologne oils (men) that provide the scents we once loved without the side effects of nausea, headaches, and sneezing.

     Inspired scents have been enjoyed and celebrated by our family and friends for a number of years. As XCLUSIVE SCENTS broaden its reach to share both domestic and imported scents, let us become your one-stop shop to purchase and indulge in your favorite scent.

    Get ready for "Oh my, you smell so good!" and don't forget to drop us a line to let us know about your experience! 


The Power of A Scent

Scents have the ability to remind us of a memory, an experience, or a special feeling.  XClusive Scents by D offers perfume and cologne scented oils, lotions, and custom gift sets for special occasions.

When you visit  XClusive Scents you will truly begin to

"Scent Your World

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Perfume/Cologne  Body Oils

Many of us love perfumes (women) and colognes (men)  and have seen an increased awareness and popularity of the use of

perfume oils and may be wondering "what's the hype?" Perfume oils are a great alternative to wearing alcohol-based perfumes.


Applied directly to the skin, the scent of perfume oils tend to last much longer because they contain no alcohol, water, or fillers. The aroma lingers much longer allowing for your favorite scent to be truly enjoyed. Apply oils on pulse points (inside wrists, inside elbow, behind ears, back of next, below neckline, chest area).


Alcohol is a dehydrating chemical and dries out the skin. Oils provide a moisturizing effect and can be enjoyed as a suitable carrier for perfumed scents for any skin type. For topical purposes only and should not be ingested internally.

One can easily spend hundreds of dollars on traditional perfumes and colognes. Oils can be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost over and over again making perfume oils a more affordable alternative to traditional perfumes. 


Easily carry in your everyday handbag, evening bag, pocket, briefcase, or on an airplane. Bottles come with attached rollerballs in varying glass bottles for easy personal application.


An overbearing perfume can make you feel nauseous or uncomfortable. Oils present a better solution as its worn closer to the skin and radiates closer to one's own 'private space' as a scent should without being overwhelming or overbearing.

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